Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Fun with White Kitchen

Posted at 7:16 PM by Hidayat Hidayat
Dapur Putih
Now the kitchen has become a major part in the home. Views are always clean a demand for this room.
White kitchen is unsightly. The interface always reflects the cleanliness, and freshness looks emit while cooking.
Not surprisingly, are more and more white color was chosen for the main color of the kitchen, in addition to the wall. White is a neutral color, it can be combined and match easily with accessories and kitchen appliances. The white color will be added look beautiful with good lighting techniques.
Finishing that you can use to generate a white kitchen also ranged from finishing duco, duco with additional material and polyurethane, and is commonly used is the HPL (High Pressure Laminated). These materials are resistant to food stains and oils which often occurs due to the cooking process.
However, you should still take care of him on a regular basis to remove the oil layer caused by steam from cooking activities. This oil layer that is often eclipsed the brightness of the white color of your kitchen.

Dapur Putih

Dapur Putih

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